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Title: Cigarettes
Pairing: Sebaciel
Rating: K/T
Warnings: AU, unedited,

The sky was a dusty blue, tinged with fading purples and streaked with the first strokes of pink. A magnificent palette, to be honest. Ciel kicked off the covers, slipping out of bed. Quietly…

Just Deserts


Title: Just Deserts
Rating: M/MA Rated
Pairing: Sebaciel
Warnings: SMUT, unedited, 5k+ words

Everything was hot and uncomfortable. Ciel turned on his side only to roll over and stare up at the canopy of his large king sized bed for the umpteenth time that night. He kicked off his blanket because his body was feeling far too warm to his liking and he tugged at the collar of his night shirt that was no where near constricting. The quiet ticking of the clock on the bedside table told Ciel that he had been tossing and turning for over two hours since Sebastian had put him to bed and turned out the lights.

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Monochrome no Kiss LIVE from 『 SID 10th Anniversary TOUR 2013』

Track included on ENAMEL single CD

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